16. 9. 2010

destiny's grins

heh heh heh...

you can't sweep
the scars that ran too deep,
you breathe hard in your sleep
the dragon's in you - waiting
toss and turn,
while you burn,
hopefully dreaming of desire,
spitting the fire
on what you do, blazing it to ashes –
time crashes
the things you was used to ...
they never return.

your soul lying on the bed,
pretending to be dead
and hanging to the life by thread,
by the chain with one defect link,
then it breaks awake in a blink,
left forever wondering,
which was the right thing
to make
and which was mistake
crashing down in violent quake
breaks awake
from another dream
the one that real have seen
new world lets you in

yeah it makes me live my life quite high...
turns up the light
and everything turns out alright,
no fight -man- no fight,
yeah, friends - tonight
we’re just gonna eat the beat
and breathe so sweet,
feel your soul keeps fit
and all is in it !!! h_h