15. 10. 2013

The Art of Finding

Believe what you want, I believe one thing:
even paths parted far have a great chance,
a chance that any turn of wind can bring,
to meet again, somewhere not too far to reach,

With time and will, with universe on my side,
I smelt memories into unbeatable life guides,
I tune in and gather luck, with smile I sky-dive,
except death there is nothing that can’t be fixed.

I step up, and try, and always carry on,
pay for mistakes and catch the new inspiration,
reinforce my wings for hundred more flights,
I wake my spirit and take over the motion,

With time and will, with talent to seek and to give,

with you.

14. 10. 2013


späť do tej klietky zaháňam
krívajúce odpovede
oddávna oddávam sa hrám

kde víťaz je vraj len jeden