26. 12. 2018

Cloudcutters Episodes

-4- Intentions change... If you got only one choice, you would not be sorry about the others you waste. - ep. 4

-7- Never Mind. Always Heart. - ep. 7

-17- I am only afraid you want to help me. -ep.17 

-41- So they named their son Beyond. - ep. 41

-104- Just one level below, there might be a lot of people that would understand you. - But I never go below. - ep. 104

-111- I crumbled apart. I fell through the floor. I skipped a lifetime. And then it rises up and I can feel my feet again. - ep. 111

-126- Pick up that hat and you will never see things the way you saw them before. - ep.126

-141- Nothing holds you back. Everything is at your fingertips and possible. - ep.141

-157- This one sound will let you see through the clouds, far above. Remember that sight for when you have to return back down, and all will be brighter. - ep.157

-163- With no idea where is up and down, how do you know if you're flying or if you're falling? - ep.163

-198- There is no place like the inside of my head. Believe me, I've spent more than an eternity there. - ep. 198

-199- It has been all said. Just recombine the images and before you know it, it comes to life. - ep.199

-318- The last wall to disappear was the one I was walking on. - ep. 318

-353- Her name is Ruth. She was my everything. Now I'm just ruthless. - ep.353

-411- Your attitude is like a virus, infecting the people around you. Some seem immune to it, but only because they are already completely taken over by it. - ep.411

-414- I am in. I see. Now try to scare me off. Before it's too late. - ep. 414

-516- Flying... it is strange here. Even if you fall, you're not afraid. Because reaching ground takes well over a lifetime. - ep. 516

-537- The next room is full of Howlers. 
-538- Door is open, room is empty. They are all in my head. 
-539- His eyes were looking right back into his head: the only place where things didn't cease to happen. - ep.539

-556- At times like these, I either suffer or cheat. And I am so fed up with suffering.

-564- My hands won't stop bleeding.

-571- This is weird. My characters don't kill anyone. They sometimes kill each other, and then I'm left with this dull short-term peace. But this, I can't explain. - ep. 571

-611- Some dreams you can't share. Ever. Because if you do, they'll come true. - ep. 611

-631- No challenge in doing what others do. You want a challenge? Do what others need. - ep.631

- How can you tell it's darkness, when you don't see the light?
- You remember and compare.
- I don't. 

-774- Till you open that door, and step out, you know it. Then you walk out. It hits you like a flash of light. You look at the empty sky and ask yourself... - What did I want here? ... - ep. 774

- Why do you stare into mirrors so still?
- I'm waiting for him to make a mistake.
ep. 791

-881- Hell of a heaven. 

-919- All that's left is deafeningly soft magnetic noise, as your desktop powers down, but the speakers stay on. It glides across the floor and paints your sleep with weird dreams. - ep. 919

14. 12. 2018

Sleep & Sense

- What do you think, why do you sleep fourteen plus hours a day?
    - I feel like my dreams make much more sense than my real life.
- Any idea what to do about it?
  - None.
- So write them down. And sell it.
- I think only person who'd buy the book is me.
- A, that's not true. B, it explains a lot about the sense of real life.
- Does it? ...

21. 4. 2018


keď sa ti to páči, tak poďme tam,
tiež som mohol mať ksicht
jak z krabice od mlieka,
mať zdravé zuby, peknú srsť
a srať pevné hovienka,
len som nevyhovel podmienkam,
tak sa obliekam
  a  odlietam,

5. 3. 2018


vystrel som 214 kostí
dnešný deň žije už pár stotín
objímam prah udalosti
a fenomenálne sa potím

na polceste rýchlikom noci
pod krkom oceán
v dlaniach svetový pocit
a pohľad čistý mám

oblaky na prasknutie vysmiate
tisíce tisícov kvapiek
tak ako ich od malička poznáte
z rozprávok vašich babiek

perleťové iskry pokolení
plamene a jazvy po nich
strážci tak hladko oholení
na poplach nech len zvoní

kto už by sa pozeral hore?
stačí vstať. stačí žiť. stačí veriť.

4. 1. 2018

Farební barbari

letci, plavci a speváci
keď sa páči aj čo sa nepáči
sme spáči, nič na práci
a diery v matraci

slobodní z oblohy
a napoly holí
v pohodlí hľadáme polohy  
pohýb sa, poď mi pod nohy
ako naše príhody od vody

len prsty namočia
s rukami na očiach
po nociach roztočia
dookola kolotoč čiar

od rána do rána
koráb tvár ponára
pod okraj pohára
ako zobák kormorána
do korán otvára

s priateľmi aj nepriateľmi
spriatelení tak veľmi
až sme neviditeľní
viesť viem, len ver mi.