25. 9. 2013

Mimo mnou

Som zo psov čo štekajú len pod sprchou,
ten skutočný je pre vlastné dobro ukrytý.
zo snov mám zabudnutú životnú šou,
a štedrý deň väčšinou hlboko u riti.

Except for Love and Kindness.

I always strongly wish that you could fully read,
things in my head, the fight, the pity, the need,

Four fronts open, mosh like never seen,
and not a single one is really breaking in…

Blinded I keep on chasing the dream,
sleepwalking on heaven’s thin rim,

I forget, I rage and take the blue pill,
I knock over the glass, I let the evil spill,

to save self from all the visible dangers,
stray away and look for random strangers.

The body that is a prison for the mind,
my mind would be yours, if it’d be mine.

But I learn, it is never enough to think
and even not enough to tell.

Deed is more than promise in blood ink.
Those who do, they do fare well.

But I got nothing much to give you