21. 7. 2015


often I float, fly or hang out under the stars,
change occasions, cross roads, streets and bars,

with no idea what to look for, It’d be easy,
I’d just rush and chase my own pleasing,

but you said we’re different, and that’s it,
remember, I quit only if you quit.

so I know, with every episode of this dream,
I smile from my sleep, balanced, I’m in.

standing so close to you as I did,
no more to want, no more to need…

I stare into such foreign eyes and count,
the loud heartbeats, together they haunt,

but no fear can cut my feathers,
we kill the “can’t”s and break the “never”s,

not one bit afraid, that I dive too deep,
I touch, play, rise up, outrun the sleep,

I blink, imagine that you are mine
and kick start an alternate lifetime

there’s no true love, no written fate,
just people as waves, who meet and resonate,

I believe yours landed at a special place
I don’t even want to cool down the pace

no dreams warm like these:
the peace I always wildly miss,

one can only wonder what it really is.