17. 7. 2013

Don't wake them

so you stepped in the dark place,
beware of the lights
go careful, better cover your face,
they may burn your eyes.

watch your steps, mind your head
the fear’s near
the joy leads where one drops dead
come, my dear

don’t turn around, if you ever want to sleep
don’t wake them
for the secret is now only ours to keep

don’t wake them.

16. 7. 2013

Bad Part

The eyes and hands they guide
into the woods - after the game.
I eat the pride instead of another bite.
And protect the treasure through fire and flames.

Deep within there's the check-mate made,
and still I reach for chances and aids,
collecting scars fighting demons,
while your face says 'dream on'.

Talks and words are all bullshit,
we play, I quit only if you quit...
some say you can never fight fate,
I turn hopes upside down, no faith,

How could I make the losing move,
when both the opponent and the prize is you...

Some say 'never too late to get laid',
I say never let go of the soulmate.