26. 12. 2018

Cloudcutters Episodes

-4- Intentions change... If you got only one choice, you would not be sorry about the others you waste. - ep. 4

-7- Never Mind. Always Heart. - ep. 7

-17- I am only afraid you want to help me. -ep.17 

-41- So they named their son Beyond. - ep. 41

-104- Just one level below, there might be a lot of people that would understand you. - But I never go below. - ep. 104

-111- I crumbled apart. I fell through the floor. I skipped a lifetime. And then it rises up and I can feel my feet again. - ep. 111

-126- Pick up that hat and you will never see things the way you saw them before. - ep.126

-141- Nothing holds you back. Everything is at your fingertips and possible. - ep.141

-157- This one sound will let you see through the clouds, far above. Remember that sight for when you have to return back down, and all will be brighter. - ep.157

-163- With no idea where is up and down, how do you know if you're flying or if you're falling? - ep.163

-198- There is no place like the inside of my head. Believe me, I've spent more than an eternity there. - ep. 198

-199- It has been all said. Just recombine the images and before you know it, it comes to life. - ep.199

-318- The last wall to disappear was the one I was walking on. - ep. 318

-353- Her name is Ruth. She was my everything. Now I'm just ruthless. - ep.353

-411- Your attitude is like a virus, infecting the people around you. Some seem immune to it, but only because they are already completely taken over by it. - ep.411

-414- I am in. I see. Now try to scare me off. Before it's too late. - ep. 414

-516- Flying... it is strange here. Even if you fall, you're not afraid. Because reaching ground takes well over a lifetime. - ep. 516

-537- The next room is full of Howlers. 
-538- Door is open, room is empty. They are all in my head. 
-539- His eyes were looking right back into his head: the only place where things didn't cease to happen. - ep.539

-556- At times like these, I either suffer or cheat. And I am so fed up with suffering.

-564- My hands won't stop bleeding.

-571- This is weird. My characters don't kill anyone. They sometimes kill each other, and then I'm left with this dull short-term peace. But this, I can't explain. - ep. 571

-611- Some dreams you can't share. Ever. Because if you do, they'll come true. - ep. 611

-631- No challenge in doing what others do. You want a challenge? Do what others need. - ep.631

- How can you tell it's darkness, when you don't see the light?
- You remember and compare.
- I don't. 

-774- Till you open that door, and step out, you know it. Then you walk out. It hits you like a flash of light. You look at the empty sky and ask yourself... - What did I want here? ... - ep. 774

- Why do you stare into mirrors so still?
- I'm waiting for him to make a mistake.
ep. 791

-881- Hell of a heaven. 

-919- All that's left is deafeningly soft magnetic noise, as your desktop powers down, but the speakers stay on. It glides across the floor and paints your sleep with weird dreams. - ep. 919

14. 12. 2018

Sleep & Sense

- What do you think, why do you sleep fourteen plus hours a day?
    - I feel like my dreams make much more sense than my real life.
- Any idea what to do about it?
  - None.
- So write them down. And sell it.
- I think only person who'd buy the book is me.
- A, that's not true. B, it explains a lot about the sense of real life.
- Does it? ...