24. 3. 2009

Tail of the huge Fox

rozprávka o záhadnej sile prírody a líške, ktorá všetko zmenila...
Once upon a time deep in a great forest there was a cottage where a man called Mike lived. Mike was a lumberjack and spent whole his days in the wood. He always chose the tree to cut carefully. He chose big trees to get much wood.
One day he found a huge tree reaching up to the sky. He lifted his axe and began to cut, when he saw something run in the forest close to him. He looked over his shoulder and saw the thing again. It looked like a tail of fox running, but it was huge. Mike returned to the pile of wood he had gathered, forgetting about the huge tree he found.
Next day he went to the town to sell his wood. He went to meet his friend. He also met Steve the hunter. “You won believe what I’ve seen up in the wood, Steve.” He said, “I met a fox. It was huge. It had a tail of five feet!” Steve really didn’t believe him. When Mike asked him to lend him his gun, Steve refused. “You won’t shoot a beast that’s not there.” But Mike still couldn’t let him go. “Then come with me and see it yourself.”
So the two men came to the wood. Steve was holding his gun. He was looking at Mike with his face frown. They went to the huge tree. “Quiet.” whispered Mike.
They were waiting until evening, but the huge fox didn’t appear. Steve laughed sharply. “You see? It was just your imagination.” Before Steve returned to the town, he turned to Mike to give him advice. “Return to trees.”
So when the sun rose again, Mike grabbed his axe and went to the wood. Again he found the tallest tree and began to cut it down. In a moment the tail of the fox again flew across his eyesight. It was amazingly quick. Mike remembered Steve’s words. “It was just your imagination.” However, he turner his head and saw the fox.
The huge fox stared at Mike with great and somehow clever green eyes. It seemed to Mike like if it was as tall as he himself. He slowly moved towards the fox. It jumped and ran a few yards away. There it sat down again and stared at him. He continued to follow the fox and the fox continued to run away. Again and again it sat down and fixed its eyes on Mike until it ran away and disappeared in the dark forest. Then Mike turned around to see where he was. He stood just a few yards from his cottage. The sun was setting and evening came. If Mike stayed at the huge tree, he wouldn’t find his way back. Mike looked the way the fox had run away. “Thank you.”
That night he had a dream. He had a vision of the fox running through the forest. Then he saw a man lifting his gun. Mike heard the shot. The fox fell to the ground. “No!” cried Mike and he woke up.
Next week he went to the town with wood. He met Steve the hunter. “Mike, you we’re true!” he shouted happily. “I’ve got it! I’ve shot the huge fox!”
Since that day great storms began to come every day. The ground turned into mud and the river went wild. No one could go into the forest anymore. Steve didn’t hunted single animal. Mike stayed in the hills ever after. Every morning he went to the tallest tree, but with no axe in his hand. And beside him walked a huge fox.
The end